Property Management
FCCC is responsible for the management and maintenance of the buildings and grounds of the Flint Cultural Center campus.  
In fulfilling that responsibility we have entered into sub-lease agreements with the independent Flint Institute of Arts (FIA) and Flint Institute of Music (FIM), which allow each institution to manage and maintain its building. The FIA, FIM and Flint Public Library also pay a pro rata share of the general grounds keeping costs. The FCCC manages and maintains the remaining buildings and all campus common areas and fixtures, including parking lots, lawns, sidewalks, signs, lighting fixtures, seasonal d├ęcor, gardens, and interior roadways.

Corporation Governance and Operation
The FCCC is responsible for all aspects of governance and operation of Longway Planetarium, Sloan Museum, and The Whiting. The FCCC also maintains a central administrative staff to provide additional leadership, support services, and other resources.
Campus-wide and Community Endeavors
The FCCC works closely and collaboratively, through its member organizations and central administrative staff, with other Cultural Center campus institutions, community groups, public agencies, and regional institutions to jointly develop and coordinate programs, activities, and special initiatives that help increase public interest, awareness, and use of the cultural center campus and its institutions.